Ptosis of the kidney - causes and treatment

Nephroptosis or omission of the kidneys, and this process occurs when the kidney exceeds the limits of their mobility more than two centimeters, so when the person is in the upright position, the kidney may fall into the abdominal cavity, but sometimes it can be found, even in the pelvic area, the kidney is called wandering.

The main reasons for the development of nephroptosis, are in violation of the ligamentous apparatus of the kidney, also depend on intra-abdominal pressure from the adipose capsule, it fasciale fat formation which surrounds, supports and protects the kidney.

Often the omission of the kidney occurs in women and is associated with a different structure to them the adipose capsule, unlike men. Also, women muscles of the abdominal wall is weak and ligaments are much more elastic and easily stretchable. If you find yourself falling of kidney treatment should begin immediately. Inactivity can lead to negative health consequences.

In the case when reading the kidney, this may cause a break of the ureter, which leads to disturbance of outflow of urine and this can cause the formation of stones, or kidney stones. Violation of the outflow of urine with the omission of the kidneys leads to the development of pathogenic microorganisms in the kidney and may develop pyelonephritis.

If the kidney is omitted, and the person does not take radical measures to restore its normal position, it can be expanded Cup-pelvis system that will lead to hydronephrosis, this will start renal colic, upset the outflow of urine, and this can lead to hypertension and deformation of the kidneys.

The main reasons for the omission of the kidneys consist in the fact that women lifting weights more valid norms, this leads to stretching of the ligaments of the internal organs, also during pregnancy leads to the stretching of the abdominal muscles and this leads to a decrease in intra-abdominal pressure. Ptosis of the kidney can be caused by injuries to the lumbar region and the ligaments. Maybe you have a genetic predisposition and rapid weight loss leads to reduction in adipose capsule of kidney.

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After the examination using ultrasound and x-ray examination and palpation of the kidneys, prescribe treatment. Treatment of prolapse of the kidney is carried out with the help of special physical exercises, and also it is recommended to wear the brace, but if too pronounced process of prolapse of the kidney, an operation is performed to return the kidneys to the place and its fixation in the renal bed.

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