Psychotherapists playing in the "sandbox" will save from adult depression

It is unlikely that someone of us have heard about the psychotherapeutic treatment - "sand therapy". This therapy effectively helps to restore adult mental health, lost due to stress, nervous shock, sudden life changes. Sand therapy is a form of art therapy, which was first described by the American child psychotherapist Lowenfeld in 1920.

Despite the fact that the methodology used for psychotherapeutic correction in children, it is just as effective in adults. Logical thinking and rationality, which is inherent in the adult world leads to depression when a strong shock. Playing in the sandbox takes an adult to another, is not rational, but emotional world, where through the sand and figurines man expresses his feelings and emotions. Tactile-kinesthetic sensations when this game contribute to the ordering of the mental processes that help a person to highlight important life goal, getting rid of depression and feelings to go further forward.

As noted by a leading psychotherapist from Kiev Tatiana Natalic: "Course sand psychotherapy helps people find peace of mind, playing with sand resembles the adult baby world game where there are only positive emotions, where there is parental affection and care. Sand, streaming through my fingers "washes away" the negative emotions and memories and is effective psychotherapeutic tool".

Adult games in the sandbox enough to have a box of sand and a few figures, with which you can create a small world and to Express their emotions and feelings.

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