Psychosis can be cured by immunotherapy

The Daily Mail reports on the effectiveness of immunotherapy in the treatment of mental disorders. To such conclusion scientists from University of Oxford, investigated the impact of methods of immunotherapy on patients suffering from severe forms of psychosis. As a result of application methods there was a significant improvement in the patients.

Experts suggest the presence of immune abnormalities in 1 out of 11 people with mental disorders. The blood test results 228 patients with various forms of psychosis demonstrated the presence of antibodies that connect to neurons in the brain, 9% of them. Scientists have identified the ability of antibodies to affect the brain, causing clouding of consciousness, appearance of hallucinations.

On the basis of the conducted research, the staff of the University make a conclusion about efficiency of removal of antibodies and immune suppression patients. Currently, the method demonstrated a successful application on the 9th suffering from various forms of psychosis patients. Planned larger scale study with the participation of 80 volunteers.

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