Psychopaths are stupider than normal people

Most serial killers shown in movies have a high intelligence. But in real life, as for American scientists, the majority of psychopaths with low IQ, writes The Daily Mail. The publication notes that psychopaths have begun to introduce smart after the book and movie "silence of the lambs" serial killer Hannibal Lecter.

Scientists from Saint Louis University under the leadership of Brian Boutwell (Boutwell Brian), analyzing data 187 studies. The study involved a group of people from 9010 people with antisocial personality 4321 4689 and volunteers. In addition, it was involved in the data of those psychopaths who is now in jail.

"Psychopaths are impulsive and often because of this have problems with the law," - said the head of the study group Brian Boutwell.

The team was able to find a link between low IQ and psychopathic traits. Representatives of the anti-social group of people coped with the tests on the intelligence worse than the volunteers. Scientists hope that their study will help to understand is there a cure for psychopathy.

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