Psychopath is easy to calculate with the help of scents

Scientists from Sydney's Macquarie University, found that an impaired ability to recognize odors are closely associated with the impaired ability of empathy and antisocial behavior in humans. This phenomenon is associated with malfunction of the orbitofrontal complex brain area that controls behavior within social norms.

Scientists conducted an experiment involving 70 students without problems with the police, all participants were required to recognize the smell of leather, orange, coffee and others. After that, the participants underwent psychological tests on psychopathic tendencies and the level of empathy, where should assess their level of socialservices. In the end, the experiment has shown a link between poor ability to distinguish smells and prone to antisocial behavior.

As for social responsible behavior of the frontal lobe of the brain responsible for the sense of smell, these two indicators are closely related. It is known that people with psychopathic personality disorder is not emotional and tend to dwell on their needs, in addition they do not experience feelings of guilt and unable to empathize with others.

Unfortunately, when psychological tests such people may deliberately deceive them. Opening Australian scientists offers hope that the observed correlation will reduce the number of sick people, not noticed by psychologists.

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