Psychology: the relationship between mother and daughter

Often it happens that you are my life happy, and your mom believes otherwise. You have a cozy house, intelligent and educated children, and she looks around nervously glance your household. Often reminiscent of your “failures” - the prestige of the Institute, modest position, prolonged maternity leave. A concerned mother believes that her daughter can do better in the modern world, not to bury himself among children's toys and pans.

Of course, a mother's words can skip past the ears, but whether we like it or not, her words for a long time will pulsate in my head sticking a thorn. Whatever you did, she will always find something to complain about. You tell her: “I Have children!” she replied: “all the children! Look at Lyuba, she is a successful business woman!”

Mom niggles not because he loves you, on the contrary, she be proud of you, but wants to do it with a large base. As every mother knows her child better than anyone else and knows that he can achieve higher results.

Maybe she hasn't achieved in life than could, and wants her daughter did. Not having, for example, higher education or degree, she throws all the power to you to the plan you went ahead, and did not stop there.

Do not blame your mother in her quest to improve your life: what the mother does not want their child a bright, prosperous and happy life?! Every parent dreams of having his children in life was all only the best!

Maybe the mother, on the contrary, has achieved much in his career, became a successful woman, and she can't understand why her daughter decided to postpone career “for later” or to dedicate their lives to educating children. Perhaps your own children require right now you better results. Maybe you have a successful husband and you don't have to fight for their place under the sun. Yes there may be reasons why your unwillingness to obey the pangs of a mother... But the question of what to do: don't pay attention to her tirade or try to prove that there is something you're certainly, there.

Perhaps you hurt mother's words, because there is truth to it. After all, in the end, the husband may be fired or he may leave the family, and to sit at home, can the same be bored. And after a long break, it is unlikely that you will be in demand on the labour market. Therefore, even if the children is the main purpose of your life, to take place in the profession still need.

Maybe mom just niggles, therefore, to listen to the advice of the mother is, but they need to follow when they will seem really reasonable and their implementation will be you on the shoulder. If you want to hear the opinion of third parties, in this case you can consult a psychologist. But in any case, the direction and speed of your life should choose you and not your mom.

So there is no point hoarse to defend my opinion: you just need to do things your way, because you are an adult, which itself is already a mother!

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