Psychology of the unconscious: as the pressure of the crowd creates "memories-mirages"?

Researchers from Cornell University describe an amazing phenomenon. However, about its existence know the majority of people. It turns out that the crowd really can have on the human subconscious is a huge influence. In the end, the brain appears the memories of the event, which was not.

In 1954, a group of psychologists published a report about an interesting case among sports fans. Fans of the game of Rugby is often accused opponents of excessive aggression and a violation of the rules, although nothing in the stadium did not happen.

There are other examples. For example, a boy who described scenes of sexual violence by his father. Note that such actions father actually did not commit. Strong pressure from relatives who brought the case to the international level. As a result, the boy believed in something that never existed.

Scientists speculate how the human brain there are "mirages". It will take more than one study, to understand the mechanisms of the formation of false memories.

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