Psychology of relations between spouses

So happened that the main thing in every person's life is the family. Sooner or later we all come to associate life with your loved one. In the family we are looking for understanding, protection, support in difficult situations and, of course, love. It is with their loved ones, we can not pretend not to portray, and just be ourselves. Unfortunately, marrying, not all realize how I take the responsibility on their shoulders, and how hard it is to maintain relationships even among native people.

Such science as psychology relationship undergoes ongoing research psychologists and scientists around the world, and still there is no exact answers to all questions. But some experts have achieved positive results. So how can you be happy in your marriage, and most importantly make happy your partner, gaining understanding and harmony within the family?

Psychologists working in the issue of interpersonal relations, argue that in order to feel comfortable family man lacks three factors: stability, sustainable development in the relationship and perform each spouse certain functions.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult and impossible, but the tendency of modern society is such that accidents in the human family does not become less. But on the contrary few people manage to save the relationship. What are we doing wrong, what is our common errors, which is necessary for the happiness of our loved ones?

Psychologists have identified several components of family happiness and recommend to pay attention to their behavior in the family.

An important part, of course, is the respect and acceptance of the interests and desires of each household. Everyone wants to be heard. We all personality. If you still live by the rule "Is my opinion and wrong", it should reconsider its position.

Another important factor is family communication. Think about how often our loved ones deprived of it in the modern rhythm of life? Although busy, try to find a minute to communicate with family. Good tradition will become intimate conversations over lunch or dinner.

Of course, any relationship to hold on trust. After all, if the family lives in fear, mistrust and lies, no good it will not. Try to "win" again, the lost faith of your loved ones.

If you focus on the relations of husband and wife, there is not the least role played by a full personal life. This notion enclosed and intimate relationships, and joint solution of the difficulties, and understanding of the interests of the partner.

Specialists pay attention to this inner feeling of a man as a feeling of "home". This means that it is extremely important to feel and know that somewhere there is a house in which appreciate, love and expect. Where to seek out any place and at every moment.

Relatives and friends, to understand and to forgive us. If you are aware of that much missed and wrong - don't despair! Change yourself and the world around them will change for the better!

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