Psychologists were called perfect age for marriage

Most specialists are confident that before the marriage, the couple should check their feelings.

After conducting much research, experts in psychology of the United States of America came to the conclusion that the most favorable period for marriage is a time after graduation at the University. As it turned out, the marriages of young people are the most strong. These are the options of marriage to a much lesser extent are exposed to various deterioration of family relations and have a minimum risk of divorce.

Also, scientists psychologists drew attention to the fact that while the achievements of young people of a certain age, they are exposed to peculiar pressures of their friends and relatives about marriage and creating a family. The result of this impact can be marry young men against their will and desire.

And all to make hasty decisions in matters of marriage, scientists suggest. The majority of psychologists believes that to create a strong, not prone to divorce, the family is only possible in the case when a young couple decide to marry consciously and voluntarily. Also, according to scientists, psychologists, marriages which were concluded before the age of 24 years – the most short-lived. Marriages at a young age do not complete the validation of the senses, have a higher percentage of divorces than all the rest, which is listed on the website "Free press".

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