Psychologists told how to eat, no slipping

Scientists from the school of business at Stanford University revealed the secrets of the formation of the food of human memory and how the memory affects the feeding behaviour of man. It turns out that the last piece of the forms in the brain long memories about food and determines the desire of this product in the future, according to Free Malaysia Today.

Emily Gapinski, author of the study, recruited 134 volunteer. People were asked to taste three different crackers and determine your favorite flavor. Note that portions of the crackers were different. According to a study, people choose a portion of the three crackers, received from eating more fun than people who chose 15 crackers with your favorite flavor.

Interestingly, the most insatiable, there were people with a large portion of the product. Scientists believe that memories about food can animate words reminder. The data were confirmed in the following experiment. The volunteers had to drink the juice. One of the groups before the first breath of scientists delivered a speech in which focused attention on how the juice is lovely, especially the first one made a breath. The lack of stereotypes about food and consumption of healthy food will help keep your diet under control.

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