Psychologists told about the most just way to fall in love with the girl

British psychologists found the easiest way to please a girl. As it turned out, emotional stories and a pleasant voice – two key points at the first contact of a man with a woman.

The study involved 338 students. Women were asked to rate men on a special scale. Note that the live communication between people was not. Women showed only pictures of men and a short video telling about yourself. All the same was conducted with male volunteers, only they are acquainted with the profiles of women.

Men on the degree of emotion the girls didn't pay much attention. For women, on the contrary, interesting stories and real emotions was extremely important. Dry extracts from the life of a man were not interesting, in contrast to exciting and funny stories.

Do women love with their ears. Now there is scientific confirmation of this saying. To please the opposite sex, scientists recommend men to be emotional and to have at least a few stories.

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