Psychologists told about the most effective and simple methods of getting rid of restless thoughts

It is no secret that quite often the reason of anxiety can be events, the probability of realization of which tends to zero.

Employees of the University of Michigan empirically established that significantly reduce the level of stress is actually very, very simple. To do this, just as you should think about the list of reasons that cause anxiety, and to present them on paper.

These data again confirmed the findings made earlier by James Pennebaker, which in the eighties of the last century said about the positive impact of doing diaries on stress levels and even immunity.

The fact that experiences require huge amounts of so-called cognitive resources, because under stress people, in fact, busy with several things simultaneously. For example, cleaning the floor in the apartment and in parallel trying to suppress their own fears.

If you allow disturbing thoughts best Express himself by writing on the paper, the body will be much easier to perform the necessary in the moment work.

The effectiveness of the new technique was tested on a group of students. As a result of scanning of a brain of participants in the experiment found out that writing the anxious thoughts and the simultaneous execution of the test, required the use of significantly less resources.

Experts say that five minutes of such a practice is sufficient for significant reduction of stress levels and recommended to do it daily.

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