Psychologists have noted the increase in the number of cases of female edit

The result of many years of observations of gender changes, psychologists have noted the growing number of female infidelity. This phenomenon is due to the financial independence of women, and greater networking opportunities through social media. Due to these facts, women began to behave more freely and relaxed. Over the last decade, the natural selection of partners has become more complex. If earlier the woman chose a man just because he or she can provide the basic means of existence, today many women are able to provide for themselves all necessary. The game has changed, and to become a permanent partner for a woman, a man should be, at least, better than it: richer, stronger and smarter, but otherwise their relationship can be terminated by cheating with a woman's hand.

Scientists estimate that over the last twenty years the number of cases of infidelity American wives rose to 14.7 percent, while the rate of male infidelity here for many years has stabilized at around 21 percent. Ozvuchennye the data obtained from the survey conducted by the National center for the study of public opinion.

Such bridging is not only because of the growing financial independence of women, but also because thanks to the support of various organizations of the fair sex have become more confident. To keep her husband in the family with the fear of financial problems has become very difficult.

It should also be noted that the stronger are those marriages that have arisen in the form of friendship or mutual Hobbies partners. Such compatibility in interest over time develops into trust and respect in marriage.

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