Psychologists have described how to win a woman

Sometimes beauty is not get the most attractive men. Psychologists at the University of Texas tried to explain why this is happening, and what it takes to capture the attention of beautiful women.

It turned out, men with normal or unattractive appearance is much easier to act in encounters with the opposite sex. About it writes The Daily Mail. The study involved 167 pairs. Someone was in a romantic relationship, some managed to register the marriage. Life and relationships of volunteers were videotaped. Records showed 14 students and asked them to rate the appearance of the subjects.

Opinions about the attractiveness coincided 90% of students. The probability of long-term relationships between two equally beautiful people, according to the research results, tends to zero. Couples in which the woman is much more beautiful than the men, on the contrary, showed stability and strength. Interestingly, the attractiveness of family life did not play almost any role, partners appreciate each other on a completely different qualities: loyalty, sense of humor, ability willingness to support in difficult times.

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