Psychologists have defined the line between shopping and disease

Buy clothes, food, cosmetics meets the needs of the person, but sometimes shopping becomes a real disease. Psychologists have attempted to explain when it happens and what causes this.

Their cost is worth considering when the house is full of unnecessary things, and money to pay the bills and buy food by the end of the month. The second dangerous symptom – persistent credit card debt. The Shopaholic's hard to stop shopping, to pay taxes and pay the loans. Most often, when this kind of dependence costs are constantly rising, writes Youth Health Mag.

Sometimes without loans and debts can not do, not everyone can afford to pay rent immediately. Shopaholic – trap for humans. The momentary joy of shopping followed by depression because of debt, growing like an avalanche.

There are cases when buy was the reason of rupture of strong family relationships. It is best in such a case, say psychologists, seek specialized help from professionals. This will not only get rid of the disease, but also to save money.

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