Psychologists advise parents not to choose a pet, among the rest of their children

Experts from Brigham young University, led by Professor Alex Jensen found that the choice of pet from among their own children can harm everyone else. The children outside the group favorites has an increased risk of alcoholism, drug abuse and nicotine dependence, writes News Room America.

Only the researchers analyzed the relationship in 282 families. Experts watched the relationship between parents and teenagers. In some cases of familial closeness to achieve't work.

Children separated from family relations, 3.5 times more likely down to the social Nizam. The situation was aggravated by alcohol, drugs and difficulty in finding new contacts.

Scientists emphasize: the real situation in the situation of the child is not important. It is important how the child perceives what is happening in the family. Some children need a minimum of attention and freedom, someone you want maximum efficiency, constant support and presence of parents nearby.

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