Psychologists advise not to get into debt

Debts lead to the development of depression. To such conclusion experts from the University of Wisconsin during the analysis of data about 8,500 people. The researchers assessed the impact of debt on mental health of people. Account of loans, overdue bills and debts even friends and acquaintances. As it turned out, it is better to pay off the debts at the earliest opportunity. This writes the Psych Central.

Most debtors had good jobs, were healthy, had a family. 79% of respondents had debts and credits on average in the amount of $ 42,000. Most were distributed loans for many years.

It turned out that life in the loan is very harmful for mental health and nervous system, increases the risk of depression and nervous breakdowns. The easiest was transferred credits from the state, extended in time, is the most difficult short-term debts.

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