Adults telling children from a very early age that lying is not good, although with the birth of asserting the existence of a certain character who once a year comes and brings gifts. Psychologist Jared Piazza from Lancaster University believes that belief in Santa Claus or the lack of it does not hurt the further development of the child. In this case, there are specific arguments for or against maintaining the legend.

Obviously, for baby Santa Claus is a symbol of celebration and gifts. Moreover, this character symbolizes the belief in miracles. Impressions from the gifts of Santa Claus to most kids, you receive significantly more than if those same gifts the child received from their parents.

On the other hand, maintaining the legend of the Christmas hero could undermine the authority of parents. Agree, it is unfair when an adult telling their children that lying is not good, and he enjoys the naivety of the younger generation.

In any case, trusting and warm relationships between parents and children is important. If parents support the child's faith in Santa Claus or just tell him the truth, not a big deal. The psychologist advises parents to take the decision according to your inner feelings.

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