Psychological causes of impotence

From the problems with potency, not insured by any one man. Almost every one of them faced problems of a sexual nature. But not all were able to overcome them.

All causes of impotence can be divided into two groups: fiziologicheskii and psychological. Detail about the physiological causes can be found on the website of, this article will talk in detail about psihologichnih reasons.

Psychological form of erectile dysfunction is dangerous because its origins lie in the male mind. Then the medication will not help. Modern life in big cities provides many reasons for stress. Here and working busy and not always smooth family life. Any little thing can cause scandal and the development of depression. All of which are prerequisites for psychological impotence. There are other reasons that cause this disease. A man may feel uncomfortable in the situation of the vicinity. The appearance of the woman and even her scent, mismatched tastes and habits. A special role plays the fear of unwanted pregnancy or Contracting a sexually transmitted disease. For diagnosis of psychological impotence analyze data about the sexual abilities of the patient. The doctor sets the duration of impotence, frequency of sexual intercourse, information about how passed sexual life before the occurrence of impotence.

In order to begin to treat this problem you need to start from rest. Weekends need to dedicate yourself. To get started, have a NAP, take a walk in a relaxed atmosphere with pleasant people. Perhaps you had better retire and to spend a few days in the nature, near the lake or in the woods. This will help to relieve emotional tension and distract from gloomy thoughts. Folk medicine recommends eating garlic, a mixture of parsley, cilantro, honey with walnuts. A glass of mineral water, add 5-10 drops of the tincture eleutherococci and eat every morning. Do not forget about the movement. Sedentary life slows down blood flow, and this is bad for erections. The rule is to make regular Cycling or Hiking.

There is a special massage that can bring back the sexual power. Its effect is increased if to teach a loved one this art. These sessions can go from massage in a love game, if you create an intimate atmosphere.

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Doctors recommend difficult to conduct a healthy way of life, and keeps your sexual power from an early age. That is, let us recall once again about the dangers of alcohol, Smoking and drugs. Not is their problem to solve alone, share with a loved one.

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