Psoriasis in children - how to recognize and what measures to take

Psoriasis in children is manifested by skin lesions on the elbows, knees, and under the hair on his head. They don't disappear and take the form of a small red plaques that can spread to the whole body. They can also disappear suddenly as it had appeared.

The child is experiencing the presence of the body rash, so psoriasis can cause deep psychological trauma, and with inadequate regard to peer-to-child - make the problem worse.

Child as soon as possible to show the doctor for examination, so as mild forms of psoriasis can be cured, subject to all the doctor's instructions. In milder forms are restricted diet, mode of study and recreation.

During progression of the disease to a healthy lifestyle is necessary to maintain immunity, including taking medication for this purpose. Although the clinical symptoms of child resemble psoriasis symptoms adults, the disease may take unusual form, which complicates diagnosis. Other skin disease may be hiding behind a rash on the buttocks and centuries, similar to psoriasis. During treatment it is necessary to carefully treat the skin of a child: to avoid damaging it, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, to avoid rubbing the seams and rough cloth. Irritated skin to lubricate child vaseline.

Psoriasis can be infant (diaper when irritated bowel movements), seborrheic (on the scalp), plaque (with red lesions and the presence of clear boundaries and a thick layer of white flakes), teardrop (with red bumps after injuries and accompanied by a streptococcal infection). And pustular (due to infection, stress, vaccines, medicines can cause allergies), erythrodermic (with redness all over the body, plaques on some parts of the body, fever and pain in the joints), psoriasis (accompanied by pustular psoriasis and arthritis of the joints).

Parents should not self-medicate, but only to fulfill the doctor should not give children medicine for adults, use of corticoids, retinoids, immunosuppresion avoid disease a child with cancer and various infections. It is necessary to prepare for children's baths and the use of emollients and moisturizers.

Infants and patients with psoriasis need to bathe with the use of decoctions of a train, leaves and twigs currant, leaves of walnut, chamomile, birch leaves. Help bath with a decoction of the herb, burdock, Tribulus creeping, juniper berries, with the infusion of the root of lovage, white willow, BlackBerry leaves.

It is useful to lubricate plaques tincture of Sophora japonica on alcohol, bark buckthorn kranoceviceva (10%), seeds of barley common (30%), celery seed at 40% alcohol.

Ointment: the grease is mixed with the powder of the herb (5:1) or nutrak mixed with ash from the stems of the rose (1:1).

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