Psoriasis head treatment

The location of the psoriatic plaques and eruptions on the scalp is a form of psoriasis.

This is not a peculiarity of this form. Another lies in the peculiarities of treatment. Here the fact that the treatment of psoriasis long-term, if not lifelong. So here are not suitable for all methods.

1. Methods for local treatment.

Due to the fact that most of psoriatic elements are located on the scalp, the use of ointments and creams are ineffective. First, when applied to the head, most of the drug remains on the hair. Of course, it is possible that these medicines put someone else. But it is time-consuming and, moreover, makes people dependent. Therefore, the most widely different shampoos with tar, rinsing the scalp with herbal extracts.

The use of ultraviolet light almost has no effect.

It should be noted that psoriasis of the scalp, worse than other forms, podaetsya treatment, therefore it is always necessary to combine local and systemie treatment methods.

2. Methods exposure.

- The diet. It practically does not differ from the General principles of proper nutrition. That is, the meal should be at least 5-6 times a day, excluded roasted, smoked and spicy foods.

- Taking vitamins, especially a and D. They take a direct part in the processes of division and growth of cells of the epidermis of the skin. Also include levocarnitine. This substance is an artificially synthesized L-carnitine, similar in mechanism with vitamins Century Is an essential component of the mitochondria of cells. In Russia, data preparation is more known as "Elcar". It comes in the form of powder for preparation of solution, which is taken by mouth.

Asslover-Forte is a drug that combines vitamins and phospholipids. He has a positive influence on the work of epidermal cells and the liver, and therefore on the entire metabolism of the body.

Separately discusses the various decoctions, infusions of certain herbs and other substances of natural origin. Because they are the means of traditional medicine.

Apply the following plants: the series, St. John's wort, sage, mother-and-stepmother, plantain, chamomile, onion. From them prepare decoctions and infusions, which is recommended to RUB into the scalp, or prikazivati as compresses to open skin areas. On these plots can be applied marine clay.

All of these methods give ambiguous effects on different people. First of all, it depends on the stage and severity of psoriasis, as well as individual characteristics of the organism.

In any case requires an individual approach to treatment.

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