Proven link between malnutrition and the formation of drug dependence and children

Mothers who consume too much fat and sweets increase the risk of developing not only obesity in your child, but also increase its susceptibility to alcohol and drugs, referring to Dr. Nicole Avena, writes The Daily Mail. An experiment was conducted on mice, females are systematically fed sweet and fatty. Newborn mouse these individuals reacted to the introduction of the drug methamphetamine is much stronger than the control group. This is the first sign of formation of physical dependence.

The doctor believes that one of the ways leading to increased levels of drug and alcohol abuse among teenagers craze harmful food. What is not important, kakoi kind of sugar was used: lactose, sucrose, or mucosa.

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It is believed that breast milk is wrong feeding mothers contains certain substances that form early predisposition to addiction. It's all in the change in the functioning of the system of awards - this is the reason.

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