Proven: anger can cause a heart attack

Researcher Elizabeth Mostofsky from Medical school at Harvard in the experiment found that anger twice increases the risk of heart attack within two hours after the man got angry. In scientific research participated 3886 patients with a heart attack, reports Reuters.

The stronger the anger, the higher the risk. The most powerful flash of anger when people could run any subject, increased the likelihood of a heart attack 4 times. Out of the total number of study participants 1484 man confessed that for one year they used to have anger. The 110 people at the end of two hours after that developed a heart attack.

Causes of anger are more likely scandals in the family, in the workplace and while traveling to work. As you know, in an angry state of the person stand out in large amounts of noradrenaline and adrenaline. Of these hormones increase blood pressure, as well as the likelihood of thrombosis, stenosis, and heart palpitations. Doctors believe that even if people give vent to emotions, discharge, still, will not occur. In any case, an angry state will be able to inflict damage to the heart and blood vessels. The risk of heart attack can be reduced only by taking beta-blockers, and that is why doctors recommend to take emotional patients with heart disease to prevent the development of heart attack.

The scientists could not determine the effect of statins and antidepressants on these statistics. But one of them was just installed: exercise can't help people who are prone to angry outbursts, to "let off steam". In addition, they recommend to be more attentive to those people who are prone to depression, the development of anxiety and other strong emotions.

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