Proteins of the immune system can stop HIV

HIV is a viral disease. Every year huge amount of money for the development of drugs against this serious disease. Research group of northeastern University decided to look at the problem of HIV from a different angle. It turns out that human A3G protein possesses special properties. It is able to activate the immune properties of the organism with the introduction of the viral agent. It is known that the HIV virus is able to direct the efforts of the organism to the destruction of this protein, writes Eurek Alert.

A3G can alter DNA. However, even if the protein does not change its structure, it still has a braking effect on the HIV virus. In fact, the protein acts as a wall which does not allow the virus to enter the cells of the body to start its reproduction.

Recent studies have shown that the speed of the protein is reduced if he slips into large complexes. Scientists plan to use the obtained knowledge in practice to develop innovative means against one of the main diseases of the 21st century.

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