Prosthetics: choose dentures

How would a responsible person not suited to your health, particularly the health of the oral cavity occurs that is not a pleasant moment of the destruction of the teeth. Missing teeth not only affects the appearance and attractiveness of a smile, to a greater extent suffers from the health of the patient. No teeth are more difficult to chew food, and it is fraught with problems of the gastrointestinal tract. The teeth remaining in the mouth begin to move, gradually shifting and occupying the empty space, disturbed bite humans. Agree, crooked teeth will not add aesthetics to your appearance and even more will not create comfort when chewing food. The way out of the situation one - prosthetics. But here arises the problem of choosing what kind of prosthesis to choose?

To begin to understand what it means removable and non-removable type of prosthesis. What is the difference between these two methods, and what advantages each of them.

Removable prosthesis is the most affordable method to restore chewing function of the oral cavity and the exterior of the patient. Good quality manufacture of removable prostheses are low price. What makes this type of prosthesis one of the most common. In the absence of teeth in the patient made a full denture if the patient is present for a number of teeth, it is possible the fabrication of partial dentures. Attachment partial denture is a special hooks for healthy teeth of the patient. Themselves prostheses also differ by the form used in the manufacture of the material. There are a variety bugelnye dentures. Their lightweight design has higher strength compared to ordinary dentures. There are two ways to fix bugel in the oral cavity: using hooks and locks. The locks are installed, so that not to spoil the aesthetic appearance of the smile of the patient. The dentures there is a definite minus, take them out and carry out hygienic cleaning of the denture and the oral cavity.

Removable prosthesis is a great way to find the lost teeth and to solve many problems associated with their absence. Dental crowns can be single and dress on top of the injured tooth. Dental bridges consist of several crowns and form a continuous chain from the teeth. This bridge is in the absence of several teeth in a row. Kept the design of this type on adjacent healthy teeth, specifically ones for this. Or the bridge is attached using adhesive, unfortunately, this type of installation is short-lived, period of service does not exceed five years. Are dental crowns are made of different materials, most commonly made of plastic or metal. Veneers - porcelain plate that can be mounted on the teeth when they are small the damage. They will completely cover the tooth and protect it from further damage. Sanitation of the oral cavity with this type of prosthesis is greatly facilitated.

Conditionally removable dentures are installed on the implant implanted in the patient's jaw. If necessary, you can disassemble the denture to the implant and remove it.

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