Prostatitis - risk factors, causes, symptoms and consequences

Prostatitis is known as inflammation of the prostate gland. The function of the prostate gland produces a transparent, slightly alkaline liquid (juice), which is the basis for the sperm, is involved in the production of testosterone, produces biologically active substances, prostaglandins, during erection closes the passage from the bladder.

This gland located below the bladder, and includes a segment of the urethra. Inflammation occurs when germs get into the prostate gland through the bladder, rectum or one (more) of the blood vessels.

Risk factors

Disease such as prostatitis, often occurs in young or middle age. Of the main factors can be identified, previously transferred or infectious diseases of the urethra, sports activities, which can occur with trauma to the groin area, stress, immune deficiency, HIV.

Causes of prostatitis

The occurrence of prostatitis is divided into two groups

1. Infectious - usually a sexually transmitted infection, for example, caused by micro - organisms Trichomonas, chlamydia, Trichomonas, and other Viral prostatitis, different viruses.

Just cause may be stress and hypothermia, which in turn lead to lower immunity.

2. Noncommunicable appearance - it could be a sedentary lifestyle, which yields the stagnation of blood in the pelvis, the lack of regular sex life, Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption.The symptoms of prostatitis

- Inflammation of the prostate gland is the following: it increases in size, thereby obstructs the urinary tract, resulting in difficult urine output.

- Urination become very painful. Can be pain in the lower back. To completely release Your bladder is not possible, which leads to an increase of desires.- There are pains in the groin, in the abdomen.- During orgasm during intercourse, often the pain (painful orgasm). - Greatly reduced libido, reduced the duration of intercourse, there is no random erections, and if you run the disease can lead to such serious diseases as infertility.- Hormonal failures manifest themselves as depression, fatigue.

Prevention of prostatitis

To avoid prostatitis and long-term treatment, you need to prevent. Lifestyle must be mobile, to avoid promiscuous sexual relations regularly tested for sexually transmitted disease is to practice good hygiene and, of course, to have a permanent sexual partner.The consequences of prostatitis

If you do not treat existing disease, it can become chronic, and, eventually, will lead to the defeat of the prostate tissue. To treat chronic prostatitis is much more difficult, long and painful, we have to resort to serious medical method, when the prostate, emerged for the first time, it is possible to cure unnoticed and most importantly without a trace. Largely diseases of the prostate are psychological in nature, because man feels his uncertainty, dissatisfaction.

Many men living with chronic prostatitis, don't want him to notice and recognize. And the worst thing is practice symptomatic treatment, that is, suppress the symptoms, pain in the next exacerbation. Left without the attention of a doctor (urologist), prostatitis chronic form, contributes to the development of impotence, infertility, prostate, and other disorders that are associated with malfunction of the prostate gland. To schedule a consultation with a urologist can both free and paid - more on the website

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