Prostate cancer - treatment methods

Modern Oncology offers many effective ways of getting rid of malignant tumors. Leading clinics around the world practice different methods of treatment of prostate cancer.

If men find prostate cancer, there is a high probability of being cured by chemotherapy. This method involves taking medicines that suppress and inhibit the growth of malignant tumor cells. However, chemotherapy has one drawback - it affects not only malignant, but on the whole organism, that is affected and healthy cells. Today in foreign clinics also used targeted therapy. Monoclonal antibodies act directly on cancer, which can greatly improve the forecasts.

The growth of malignant tumors are able to suppress certain hormonal medications. If prostate cancer has given numerous metastaz, such treatment is the most effective and contributes to the normalization condition of many patients.

For the treatment of prostate cancer applied radiation and brachytherapy. Radiation therapy involves the irradiation of malignant tumors x-ray or radioactive radiation. It is very important not only to destroy the cells affected, but also to keep healthy. The doctor selects the type of radiation therapy, depending on the diagnostic data and the nature of the tumor.

If treated with special drugs and using radiation therapy does not resolve the undesirable growth, at the prostate cancer treatment decision about surgical intervention. High efficacy of surgical treatment if the tumor is small in size yet has not spread outside of the body. In severe cases the treatment of prostate cancer surgical method is combined with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, etc.

There are a few of the most effective ways surgical removal of a tumor of the prostate: a prostatectomy (removal of the organ and tissue damage), transurethral resection (partial removal of the body through the urethra), prostatectomy using modern robotic Da Vinci" (minimally invasive intervention).

Cancer experts individually for each patient the optimal treatment program, which allows us to achieve in the treatment of prostate cancer the best forecasts, to minimize side effects and possible consequences.

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