Pros and cons of surgical breast augmentation

The ideal of female beauty has changed over the centuries, however, a beautiful female Breasts have always been a sign of femininity and attractiveness in the eyes of men. Modern women are able to go to great lengths in order to look privlekatelnymi in the eyes of the discerning modern men, and breast augmentation with implants are no longer a rarity.

Experts say that in recent times this operation has become very popular among young girls for many reasons. Firstly, the desire to please men and to take advantage of this benefit. Secondly, the desire to move forward in life and career at the expense of the appearance is to invest in the future.

But the question remains, what is the ideal breast, to which all aspire. A single answer to the question no. Every man has their own preferences from almost flat to big then it will immediately pop up problem - whose opinion is worth considering.

The danger of a plastic surgery lies in the fact that even the best doctors can't promise a perfect result, on average, 4 percent of women who decide to undergo surgery for breast augmentation, face complications within a few months. Failure can lead a number of re-operation for improvement ( and each operation leaves the seams and scars).

The most unfortunate consequence of the insertion of the implants, in addition to infectious diseases, which may receive from any surgery is capsular contracture, that is, the sealing of the capsule around the implant, leading to pathological changes in breast shape.

When the decision to conduct such an operation should strongly weigh the pros and cons, assess why you need an artificial breast, and likely consequences for health.

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