Proper washing of the head - the key to beautiful and healthy hair

Clean and beautiful hair give confidence to the majority women of all ages. For hair to be healthy and kept neat appearance, it is necessary not to expose them to procedures that have a negative impact and ensure the right hair care. We should start with the hygiene of the hair. Modern shampoos are suitable even for daily use. To choose the shampoo you need for your type of hair. Nowadays there are quite a variety of remedies for hair washing.

The main types of shampoos.

Shampoo for oily hair - it has a calming effect. In its composition contain active ingredients that help to wash the hair of excess oil. This shampoo is not suitable for frequent use, as this may cause the risk of the appearance of dryness. Shampoo for dry hair - the composition contains mild ingredients, moisturizing hair and protects them from breakage and loss. Shampoo for normal hair - thanks to the small amount of detergent in the composition, this shampoo helps to maintain existing hair alive and healthy. In addition to the basic types of shampoos, there are many others. For example: shampoos for dandruff, restore, to add volume, color treated hair, shampoo, split ends and so on. There are even types of shampoos that are suitable for certain hair color, making the color brighter and more saturated.

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While washing one should not RUB the scalp. This is the stimulation of the sebaceous glands, making the hair greasy. For healthy hair, it is advisable to wash them soft water. Hard tap water can be diluted with soda or use boiled. Wash hair better with warm water. For oily hair, water can even be cool. After application of shampoo is best to use a balm. It will make the hair soft and will help to easy scratching. It is not advisable to use shampoo two in one, so they aggravate hair and contribute to dandruff. For best effect, it is useful once a week, apply the mask, while gently massaging the scalp. This will help to improve blood circulation and will have a beneficial effect on hair growth. After washing, it's best to wait until your hair is dry yourself. Blow-drying spoils the hair, making it dry and brittle. Comb the hair better, after complete drying, and it is desirable to use a wooden comb. In addition to hair care, it is also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat right. It isn't very important to preserve the beauty and health of your hair.

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