Proper treatment and diet for weight loss

In order to properly lose weight, there are effective diet and methods, however, do not have to strictly adhere to the chosen methodology, it is enough to choose the right regimen and diet.

The most important thing to eliminate from your diet in addition to energy-dense foods, such foods which help to increase appetite and slow metabolism. Since such products are not only spoil the shape, but also harmful to health. And do not think that diet food will help you lose weight, because they contained simple carbohydrates also contribute to the deposition of fat.

From your diet you want to exclude:


2. All possible sweets and buns.

3.Sausage products.

4. White bread.

5.Vermecelli and cereals, which are prepared within three minutes.

6.Sweet drinks and carbonated water.

Also eat foods that are high in calories, but they should have, as they contain many nutrients for the body are:


products that contain vegetable oils;


There is an approximate daily set meals, which will not recover and will keep your figure in shape. This kit includes: rye bread - 300 grams, sugar 10 grams, vegetable and cream 20 g, dairy products - 400g, fish and meat - 300g, vegetables and fruits - 300g.

As for your diet for weight loss was correct, follow the simple guidelines and you will soon achieve the desired results.

Recommendation 1.

Eat often, about five times a day, but at the same time reduce your servings. Do not eat on the go and when eating do not sleep. Eat slowly stretch the pleasure of eating. Our brains get the information that we had eaten only after 15 min, after a meal, so if you eat slowly, you are fooling the brain and not allow themselves to excess.

Recommendation 2.

Don't forget tightly to Breakfast. Breakfast will give you strength for the day and will allow you to eat lunch on a lot less.

Recommendation 3.

Don't forget about the lungs and the right snacks that satisfy hunger and are beneficial for the body. Not only perekusyvaete on the go, and do it in a relaxed atmosphere.

If you dine at work, you can make this diet:

House Breakfast - 25% of total food intake;

At work lunch - 35%;

A light afternoon snack - 15%;

Dinner should be 3 hours before sleep - 25%.

It is important to remember one more thing, the Breakfast should be held in utra, lunch, 2 hours, dinner until 6 PM and don't forget about light snacks, free time, or when feeling weak with hunger.

Proper diet and nutrition will allow you not only to lose weight, but to get pleasure from food. And if to all this, add a small physical exercise or sports activities, the result will not make you wait long.

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