Proper sleep during pregnancy

Healthy sleep is as the basis for normal functioning of the whole organism. Special value of sleep acquires, when a woman is pregnant. In the early stages of pregnancy women are celebrating a special need for sleep.

This physiological sleepiness is about to 9-10 weeks of pregnancy.

But with increasing gestational age, there are new problems with sleep. Sleep prevent frequent urges to urinate in the toilet. The increasing belly is not possible to get comfortable in bed, there are cramps in the legs. Problems becomes a lot. So how do you need to sleep a pregnant woman?

So that night sleep was good, need to go from daytime sleep. Instead, more walk in the street. Hypnotic and sedative drug use is strictly forbidden, as this may adversely affect the health of the child. From folk medicine recommended soothing teas.

Before you go to bed, you can drink a glass of milk, stir into it a spoonful of honey. You can drink fresh juices. Especially useful pumpkin juice and currants, as they are rich in many vitamins and minerals so necessary for a pregnant woman.

Dinner should be not less than three hours before bedtime. Light protein or carbohydrate products, but not to mix them in one meal.

Great importance has room for sleep pregnant women. Despite the weather conditions and time of year, it must be sufficiently ventilated before going to sleep. Moreover, it is recommended to ventilate at least one hour.

For convenience during sleep, it is desirable to have at least three pillows under the neck, under side, and between the legs pregnant. The pillow between your legs it is advisable to use wedge-shaped. This form of pillow perfect for women who love to sleep on his side. It perfectly supports the stomach. Comfort during pregnancy depends on the given conditions of a pregnant woman. It is very important in this period belongs to her and the unborn child with understanding.

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