Proper nutrition will help to get rid of extra pounds

With the approaching warm season concern recruited kilograms increases. Want to lose weight men and women begin what is called, jump in the pool with his head and experiment with a huge variety of diets and restrictions, harassing himself hunger and exercise, and this is a huge stress to the body. Get yourself in shape and lose the excess can be quite reasonable healthy and methods should start with food.

The principle of good nutrition - compliance with the energy value of food consumed energy. The more often this rule is violated, the more pounds we gain. Habit is normal and man it is hard to abandon their tastes in food.

The second principle of proper food - variety of products for every technique enables you to satisfied, and forget about the snacks, the enemies of our figures. And the last basic principle - regiment power. Decide on a reasonable number of meals when you do this, pay attention to the calorie content of food and the needs of the body, depending on the time of day.

Add to your diet more fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins that are needed just tired body after cold season. Moreover, they contain fiber that helps us to lose weight. The fruit, though high in calories, but also necessary for saturation of the organism. Do not hold to eating watermelons, melons, pears, bananas, but citrus and pineapples eat in unlimited quantities.

Water is life. Especially for thinner body. Drink up to two liters of water, better mineral and refrain (if possible!) from sugary drinks such as Coca-Cola, at least during weight loss.

Sweet tooth is very difficult given the limitations in sweet products. Try to set a minimum consumption of sweets, choosing lower calorie products. You can buy cakes or biscuits are low in fat, cakes without oil creams, dark chocolate and so on

Eat cereal in the morning! They charge the body with the necessary energy in the morning, and the method of cooking will reduce the calorie content. If cooking on the water, without adding butter and to add "spice" sweet fruit or honey, the need for sugar will disappear. It will be tasty and healthy.

Enjoy the process of eating! Watch your favorite show or hockey game, stuffing your stomach with food and during the commercials chasing addition, yet of no use to anyone not brought. The fact that your body does not understand, whether you eat, whether you talked, watched a movie or read.

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