Proper nutrition when excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating has never been considered a good background for interpersonal relationships. Not bringing any harm to the human body, excessive sweating brings, not very pleasant adjustments in communication, dictates the choice of wardrobe, leisure and other aspects of social life. The cause of hyperhidrosis are often enlarged pores, therefore, suffer from this disease need to take measures to limit and neutralize odor. In addition to the required procedures for personal hygiene are recommended by physicians to observe proper diet. Rarely when hyperhidrosis prescribe absolute diet, but some products have to avoid or reduce their consumption to a minimum in the treatment of excessive sweating.

The face, palms, armpits sweat a lot when consumed hot and alcoholic drinks. Tea and coffee is not only a diuretic, and diaphoretic funds. And alcoholic beverages instantly absorbed, and therefore expand the pores through which stands out sweat. Not only hot drinks and hot food can cause excessive sweating, so the food must be allowed to cool to an acceptable temperature. From the daily diet is recommended to remove hot dishes, including garlic, spices, onion, pepper, tomato paste. Such products can linger in the body and circulate several times through the necessary body oil, thus, turning and sweating.

In traveling the answer to the question "why do I sweat a lot?" may lie not only in excessive physical activity, but in the unusual national dish of the country. Exotic food can be richly flavored with spices or contain ingredients that are unusual for tourists. If the traveler has a tendency to be rash, he should carefully study the composition of the dishes that he plans to try in other countries.Knowing these simple nutrition principles, you can reduce the symptoms of hyperhidrosis to a minimum. Naturally, for each patient, it is important to identify individual causes of excessive sweating, but the control of food intake is recommended to enter almost all doctors. Hot spices, hot dishes, especially alcohol should be avoided in hot weather. In the struggle with excessive sweating will also help antiperspirants and deodorants, eliminating the smell of sweat and struggling with excessive sweat excretion.

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