Proper nutrition for weight loss

The most important thing in the fight against excess weight is food. Any nutritionist or fitness trainer will tell You that even excessive exercise, and a lot of time training will not lead to the desired result without proper nutrition.

Consider the basic laws of proper nutrition, aimed at reducing body mass.

The caloric content of foods is very important when losing weight, but more important how much a particular product contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates, we will understand more.

First, you need to cut the amount of fat in food. Fats, of course, essential to the human body and to abandon them completely impossible. However, to reduce their consumption and to monitor the amount of fat in the diet is necessary. In order to achieve results in losing weight, you should consume between 40 to 60 grams of fat per day. The share of fat in total daily calories should not exceed 30-45%.

Be wary of products such as: butter, margarine, sauces, mayonnaise, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese (melted and sweet cheese), pork, eggs, fat poultry and fish, canned in oil, cream pastries. These products include quite a large amount of fat. During the weight loss they are best avoided. Fish, meat and dairy products to choose with a little fat. Try to cook with minimal oil. From fried foods should also be abandoned.

Secondly, reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Their excess in the body turns into fat. For people not engaged in active sports, daily allowance of carbohydrates 300 - 450 grams.

Extremely rich in carbohydrates all pastry, jam, jam, jam, honey, potatoes.

Another rule of power is not immediately before bedtime. Dinner losing weight should be easy, not later than 2 hours before bedtime. The food that we eat at night and do not have time to digest all the calories turn into fat cells. So, if You have a goal to lose weight, then a late dinner, it is better to abstain.

Slimming important regularity of supply. For an adult it is normal eating 4-5 times a day. This mode is useful for weight loss and overall health.

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Try to keep the food, rich in fiber, which formed the basis of the diet. The most useful source of fiber are vegetables. Make salads of fresh vegetables, they can be eaten with olive oil and sour cream. These salads are extremely useful and readily absorbed by the body.

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