Proper nutrition during pregnancy

In the diet of pregnant women should be sufficient to contain all essential nutrients. Since the inception of the new life she is responsible for the health and normal intrauterine development of her baby. Many expectant mothers do not know how to eat right during pregnancy, and as a result are faced with problems that could be avoided by adhering to the basic rules of healthy eating.

You should not listen to the "well-wishers" who vied with each other saying, "You are now eating for two." During pregnancy need to eat moderately. All that is necessary for the development, the baby will take from the mother's blood. The main thing is that the food was varied and well absorbed.

Food habits of young moms can stay the same, if they did not constitute a gross violation of the principles of rational nutrition. Taboo: alcohol, refusal of animal protein. If your food was varied and complete before pregnancy, it is not necessary to change anything in the first half of pregnancy. Most importantly, to "listen" to yourself, to be guided by common sense and follow the leading pregnancy doctor.

During pregnancy is closer to listen to their food desires. You need to talk about their family or husband. Such "whims" of the ladies in the interesting position of not only pardonable, but useful. You just need to combine foods in reasonable quantities.

Food should be chewed more thoroughly. Each piece is optimal to chew from 30 to 50 times. No need to eat before going to sleep. So your body will get much more nutrients and the digestive process in this approach to eating will improve dramatically.

To ensure regular bowel movements, in order to avoid accumulation in the body products of incomplete oxidation, it is necessary to eat foods that are in large quantities of vegetable fibers: bread with bran from flour, cereals (buckwheat, oat, barley, millet), fruits and vegetables (apples, beets, carrots, etc., juices with pulp, dried fruit.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother should avoid eating foods that contain empty calories and harmful food additives. Among them are: meats, canned fish and meat products, Packed in vacuum packaging, pickles, sausages and sausage, chicken rolls, ready-made dumplings, crab sticks.

Do not abuse the products that contain refined carbohydrates, and pickled foods, hot spices. During pregnancy you need to force yourself to give up coffee in the morning. Instead, you can drink weak tea with jam or broth hips.

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