Promising drug against prostate cancer

The trial in London of a new treatment against prostate cancer was stopped because the doctors first results so successful that just considered unethical not to give hope for the salvation of the part of the participants of 922 people who were given a placebo.

Patients also receiving the drug, felt the pain relief, and side effects were minor.

New drug radium-223 on the basis of alpha-radiation works by stopping the tumor development. Leading researcher of the project Dr. Chris Parer believes that this drug differs from other methods that affects only the diseased cells without killing healthy neighboring cells. Because the range of its action is extremely small, and the damage is only harmful cells.

Among administering the drug to patients the mortality rate was 30 percent lower. The results of the initial trials were presented at the European Congress on cancer in Stockholm. The researchers strongly pointed to the necessity of treating prostate cancer with this drug.

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