Prolonged TV viewing is bad for the brain of a child

Recent research scientists from Tohoku University (Japan) prove that the constant watching violate the structure of nerve fibers in the brain of the child. It should be noted that unpleasant end result does not depend on the nature of the programs. Scientists believe that it is better to switch the child to other activities that develop the brain, and not disturb his work.

In research took part 276 children aged 5 to 18 years. Each of them usually spent watching TV up to four hours daily. On average, this figure amounted to two hours. Researchers conducted brain scans of children, which revealed an interesting pattern. The more the child's time is spent near the TV, the lower the level of development of verbal intelligence he noted.

It should be noted that verbal intelligence is directly related to IQ. The higher the communicative skills of the person, the more powerful mental powers he manifests.

This study is not the first work devoted to the influence of TV on children. Earlier Dutch scientists have shown that watching television more than two hours a day has a negative impact on the condition of blood vessels and increases the risk of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system in the future.

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