Prolonged sitting can lead to early death

A study conducted by researchers from Ohio state University, found that prolonged sitting posture at the same place leads to a reduction in life. Experts found that prolonged sitting position slows down the metabolic processes and increases the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Another research work has shown that people who spend sitting for 11 or more hours, the risk of dying in the next 3 years has increased by 40 percent compared with people who were in the sitting position 4 or less hours per day.

Thus, it was found that long-term presence on the chair can kill a person. Stay in the sitting position should be reduced, and the time spent on a morning walk and exercises in the gym to increase. The process of sitting must be combined with walking or standing. Adults should make "the cut" process seat of moderate physical activity every half hour. A recent study which confirmed the results of previous research works in this area, which also established the harm from prolonged sitting.

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For example, daily sitting in front of the TV for 6 hours reduces human life to an average of 4.8 years. Taking into account such factors as age, diet and exercise, researchers found that long being in a sitting posture increases the likelihood of premature death. Thus, people older than 25 years who watch TV for one hour a day, shortening their lives by 21.8 minutes, while smoked cigarette 11.

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