Professional teeth whitening is a popular methods

There is hardly a person who at least once in their life dreamed of becoming the owner of a Hollywood smile, which shakes all its whiteness. Many to make teeth whiter often resorted to harmful and ineffective methods. Fortunately, armed with the current dentist, there are several safe and effective methods of professional teeth whitening, which are popular among visitors to the dental office.

There are many reasons that lead to darkening of the teeth. The main of them:

• drinking large amounts of coffee and tea;

• Smoking;

• certain medications;

• age-related changes;

• the appearance of microcracks.

Today, it is widely used both domestic and professional methods of teeth whitening. Home methods you can name a few primitive. Use lightening strips, trays, toothpastes, chewing gum cannot be called effective means to fight for the crystal white teeth. Dentists apply ultrasonic, laser or whitening teeth.

Whitening Air Flow

Today, dentistry is very often used whitening Air Flow. The essence of this method lies in the fact that all the harmful and unnecessary (dark plaque smoker, soft food plaque, Tartar, dental plaque) are removed from the teeth using a special apparatus, which gives an air mixture with a fine powder, similar to the dentist, and water.

Color enamel at bleaching Air Flow remains unchanged. The effectiveness of this method is more noticeable on the teeth, before settling on them RAID had a white color. Note that you can apply no more than three procedures Air Flow, as the repeated application of this method can lead to thinning of enamel, and also hypersensitive teeth that cannot be eliminated with the help of medications.

Laser whitening

Currently the best method of teeth whitening is rightly recognized the use of laser. On the patient's teeth is covered with a special composition, based on the hydrogen peroxide. Then activate it by using a carbon dioxide laser. Enamel bleached in a matter of seconds. This is harmless and gentle method allows for one session to get a dazzling smile.

The laser also has antibacterial properties, so this process is a good prevention of caries. Using a laser beam enamel can be lightened a few shades, and the result, with proper care, will last at least 7 years.

Ultrasonic whitening

Owners of sensitive enamel will be able to appreciate the method of ultrasonic whitening, which takes place in several stages.

Session ultrasonic whitening, because it uses a low oxidant concentration, can stretch to an hour, but in the process will not have any unpleasant painful sensations.


One of the novelties in professional teeth whitening is the whitening. The effect of the 2 hour session will be preserved for years. On the surface of the teeth to apply the whitening composition, which affect gallogenovie light. This active substance is excreted oxygen, which breaks down a dark coating on the teeth.

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