Professional teeth cleaning at the dental clinic

Professional teeth cleaning is performed in dental offices in two ways: hardware and mechanical. Mechanically dentist tools performs cleaning by hand. For hardware cleaning using special dental devices.

Modern dental clinic is equipped with devices for hardware brushing your teeth two types: ultrasonic and sandblasting.

Ultrasonic cleaning is performed by a special device - scaler in the form of fine small hook is securely fastened in a special tip. When the device is on the tip of the hook is microvibration, under the influence of which on dental plaque from the tooth surface are removed dental plaque, both soft and hard.

When the scaler is irrigated work area with water coming from its tip, so during the procedure, the patient will be reduced discomfort. In a more sensitive area under the gum, brushing your teeth can cause pain and discomfort, so you can use local anesthesia.

Sandblast cleaning of the teeth (Air Flow) perform aerosol jet. Of openings in the tip, comes under pressure in an aerosol jet soda, water and air. In some clinics replace soda specially prepared powder of calcium.

The cost of the procedure with calcium expensive, but the discomfort from it is minimal. Sandblast cleaning quickly and effectively remove soft deposits from the tooth surface. You can get rid of smoker's plaque on the teeth, traces of coffee, tea or wine and at the same time to get a tooth polishing.

During the sandblasting procedure using dental cleaner instantly removes particles of plaque and aerosol. To whiten your teeth, change their color and remove plaque in this way is harder, because you can only return them in a natural and pristine purity. So for brushing your teeth in full recommend the use of ultrasound and Air Flow.

Mechanical cleaning of the teeth were used in a modern clinic rarely because of its high morbidity, pain and low efficiency. It is used as a Supplement to methods of hardware at a great crowding of teeth in patients.

Before you go to the doctor for tooth brushing, you should stick to the expert tips:

• You should not wear makeup on your face before cleaning sandblasting method. Not precluded by the need to wash the face to remove settled around the mouth, an aerosol with particles of plaque.

• Professional teeth cleaning is carried out 1-2 times per year to protect teeth from tooth decay and gum chronic inflammation.

• If tooth sensitivity after the procedure to cold or hot foods, you need to use toothpaste that removes sensitivity.

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