Products with pesticides lead to obesity - scientists

Researchers from the University of California, headed by Michele La Merrill performed the analysis of the pesticide DDT. This substance is banned in many countries, however, India and South Africa continue to use it as a means to combat malaria. Scientists have studied the effects of pesticide on laboratory mice, which were subjected to its effects during pregnancy.

Offspring were born not as healthy as in the control group. The mice after exposure to DDT during the prenatal period was developing obesity and diabetes, was disturbed thermoregulation. Interestingly, the amount of pesticide exposure was similar to the dose received by the average person in Africa or India. Even more remarkable is pronounced effect was recorded only among females. In males, the researchers found only a slightly elevated blood sugar.

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Experts from Hong Kong University warns that pesticides enter the body through fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat and poultry. You should carefully approach the selection of food and to give preference to natural food.

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