Products good mood and their secret

Scientists believe that they discovered a chemical substance found in some foods. This substance has the ability to improve mood and to serve man as a stimulator of positive emotions. The so-called "products of happiness" is in the list as follows: chocolate, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and tea (regardless of whether black or green).

Researchers from the Institute of chemistry, National Autonomous University of Mexico highlighted the flavors, which in large quantities are contained in these delicious products. Scientists have carefully studied and came to the incredible discovery of these foods in their chemical composition very similar to that of drugs with the effect of doping, in other words, uplifting.The results showed that natural ingredients in their properties have striking similarities to valproic acid, which is widely used in medicinal drugs to improve mood. This discovery was made only after studying the composition of more than 1,700 substances. Molecules are composed of chocolate, berries and products, including fatty acids omega-3, had a positive effect on mood and emotions. When valproic acid show similar symptoms.Valproic acid has been used successfully in the pharmaceutical industry and is designed to smooth out mood swings in patients who suffer from manic-depressive disorder and other diseases of a similar nature. But these products can be a natural alternative medicines. But because scientists continue to search for other modulators of mood in food . Experts are hopeful and trying to find such chemical compounds, which have the effect of deterring mood fluctuations, and support cognitive skills, slow down the deterioration of memory and improve mental activity.

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