Products from fast food can cause a number of diseases

Children who consumed foods from fast food more than three times per week, are more likely to suffer from the itching, runny nose, slezotochivogo, the newspaper The Daily Mail, citing conducted in several countries in the study.

Experts believe that the epidemic of asthma in the world is directly related to fast food. Over the last twenty years in the UK the number of cases of asthma has increased almost twice. Meanwhile, the presence in children's intake of minerals and vitamins is reduced.

This study was carried out on the basis of medical data 319 thousand adolescents aged 13-14 years who resided in 51 countries and 181 thousand six or seven children in 31 countries. Both children and their parents were asked about the availability of children's asthma symptoms, eczema and rhinoconjunctivitis, as well as questions about their diet.

The results showed that teenagers who eat a week more than three servings of burgers, pizzas and chips are 39 percent more at risk you have severe asthma. For children, this probability was increased by 27 percent. Also both age groups increased the likelihood of rhinitis and acute eczema.

Scientists are still trying to establish the cause of such results. They still haven't decided between the production of fast food and lack in the diet of fruits and vegetables.

But one fact is already installed exactly: 3 or more servings of healthy foods reduce the risk of these diseases by 11-14 percent

Meanwhile, a group of scientists from the medical school at the hospital of St. George proved that the normal function of the lungs is related to the concentration of vitamins C and E and beta-carotene, found in apples, citrus fruits and derived from them the juice. And salt and fatty acids, which resemble those found in margarine, on the contrary, contribute to the emergence of asthma.

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