Problems with libido in men solve the hormone of joy, say scientists

Researchers from the National University of Chi Nan sure, in reducing the male desire to blame a lack of dopamine. This hormone causes a feeling of joy and well-being. The information has been confirmed in an experiment with fruit flies. About 300 cells in their nervous systems use the dopamine system.

In older mice had decreased production of dopamine up to 10 times. When artificial increase in the level of the hormone flies become actively proliferate, reports New Scientist.

Scientists suggest that the introduction of dopamine in the body of an aging man can enhance his libido. But not so simple. The human brain is much more centers and libido meets a lot of structures. And scientists do not know what mechanisms the majority of them work.

While it is known that dopamine associated with sexual sphere. In Parkinson's disease prescribers of dopamine, improving libido, and sexual activity. Sometimes medication causes psychotic behavior in society.

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