Probiotic bacteria will cure depression

Scientists have identified the type of bacteria in the gut, which directly affect the brain, their discovery may lead to new ways of dealing with depression and other mental disorders. Scientists have long suspected that the gut is connected with the brain, as intestinal disorders are often associated with stress and depression. A team of scientists from the University of cork in Ireland fed mice by natural bacteria in the stomach of the human Lactobacillus rhamnosus JB-1. It was found that those mice that received the "additive" in the broth less worried and showed depression than those who received placebo. Since the reaction of the mice and their system has many similarities with human experimentation in mice can be considered highly reliable.

This discovery opens scientists the concept of the new method of treatment of mental disorders and their effects on the intestine. Probably soon people will eat yogurt with these bacteria, and not to swallow handfuls of antidepressants, so says the head of research John Crean.

The effect will certainly depend on the individual strain of probiotic bacteria every person.

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Next, the researchers intend to find out, does the condition of the intestine to other chemical reactions in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine, which are also associated with mood.

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