Primates possess autobiographical memory

Edition Science Now article Current Biology published the results of studies with evidence that autobiographical memory t primates such as chimpanzees and orangutans.

On animals for a long time conducted a variety of experiments to determine remember whether experimental past. For example, in order to get the bananas animal showed two sticks that had been carried in different rooms, after which they were given the choice to take a short or a long stick. Using the received information, chimpanzees took a big stick and got food. Then the experiments were interrupted for three years, and later repeated the same experience. At this time, the reaction rate chimpanzee has doubled, which is proof of the retention in memory of previously obtained information.

The same thing happened with yogurt, which also was required to get the chimpanzee and orangutan. Only here three years later the interior was changed except the key. But primates are not confused and remembered sequence of actions.

According to the results of experiments, scientists have concluded that primates are able to maintain information in memory, but rather they are autobiographical memory. It is the ability to remember past events in the form of episodes. Up to this point, it was believed that this ability is unique to man.

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