Primary - priority health development in Russia

The Minister of Health and Social development Tatyana Golikova blog Ministry has declared the priority development of medicine. In the framework of the national project "Health", the main emphasis will be moved to primary health care, namely the diagnostic capabilities of medical institutions.

This will allow you to diagnose diseases at an early stage and to carry out treatment and preventive measures. The adopted strategy of the Ministry aims to reduce deaths from cardiovascular diseases, Oncology, obstetrics.

The correct angle for the development of medicine confirmed in the regions in which the strategy was launched earlier. These regions showed a strong main health indicators.

In parallel with the introduction of high-tech diagnostics will be developed to the standards, criteria for medical assistance at various stages.

All of this will require certain material resources, as more than 57% of the equipment in hospitals, according to the 2009 audit, have been in operation over 10 years.

The Minister expects that these steps will improve the quality and accessibility of medical services.

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