Preventive measures against arthritis: breastfeeding?

Scientists conducted the study, which surveyed more than 7 thousands of Chinese women aged 50 years and older. Scientists interested in women gave birth whether they were feeding if breast-feeding, and the reception of contraceptives.

It turned out that most of the respondents were mothers of at least one child. 95% fed baby breast 1 month or more. The contraceptives were applied only 11% of respondents, and only for a short time. The first pregnancy occurred, on average, at the age of 24 years. Arthritis was identified in an average of 47.5 years.

Scientists were able to prove that the longer a woman is breastfeeding, the lower her risk of arthritis in the future. Administration of oral contraceptives on the risk of developing the disease had no influence. Based on the findings of this research, scientists are now encouraged to explore the relationship between the development of arthritis with hormones. In fact, if you compare, at least twice with arthritis face women feeding baby breast than not breastfeeding.

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