Prevention of scoliosis in children: choose the Desk

Recently, pediatricians among students increasingly began to identify quite a dangerous disease scoliosis. This disease has a connection with curvature of the spine, hence there is development of stoop and improper posture. In order to avoid scoliosis before the start of the school process should be prepared in advance.

The main attribute of the student for the entire period of his study is a Desk in which he spends all his education time (classes in school and, respectively, from home work at home). To the prevention of scoliosis in children was most effective for us for the future student should choose the Desk.

So, imagine - baby "growing" desks Demi, production in Russia. These desks are similar to the well known brands in Germany. Desks Demi their foreign "brothers" are not inferior to any quality or functionality or ergonomics, but unlike brands of foreign manufacture, they offer their customers at more affordable prices. Because the Desk convertible Demi represents excellent value and quality and the buyers demand.

Desk Demi equipped with a countertop, the slope of which can be adjusted. The work for this school will provide your child ergonomic position and thus unloaded to the cervical spine and spinal cord, as well as the emancipation of the muscles of the back.

The table-top with a sloped position will allow your child to read and follow written work straight torso and head. Due to the fact that the Desk Demi equipped with manual adjustment you can to your child to set the angle of the tops, which will be optimal for the vision and execution of tasks, while being in the correct position.

Desk Demi also feature an adjustable stand for a computer monitor that allows you to adapt to your child's optimal angle of view, and the monitor is set so that the child looked at him with an angle of 30 degrees. Also can be adjusted and the distance to the plane of the monitor, which should be at least 40-50 centimeters.

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