Prevention of SARS - how not to get sick

With the advent of cold weather is not only the approach of the Christmas holidays, but the situation is clouded different colds. Colds and influenza are the main representatives of the annual cold-related epidemics. But to despair, in any case, it is not necessary, because the main method of struggle will be preventive measures colds and flu.

Of course, the first recommendation would be as a protection against colds and infections to wear protective masks. But in practice this is unlikely way, and to change the mask need every 2-3 hours. It is understood that the prevention of colds should be multicomponent and lengthy procedure. If to strengthen its preventive drugs, such as Citovir, to observe the rules of hygiene, eat right - all this together will help to improve the protective properties of the organism to rely all colds.

To date, the team includes a sufficiently large number of antiviral drugs that will contribute to the prevention of SARS. Should not exclude the option of vaccination, however, to be vaccinated in advance. But do not forget that without a medical prescription to use antivirals with pharmacies not worth it.

Remember that frequent hand-washing, rinsing of the mouth and throat weak saline infusions - it will all be effective ways to remove viruses and infections. Also, it is best not to have contact with the sick person, i.e. not to breathe one air, not to be in the same room with him. But, this advice may not always be realized in practice, because the work is going to like to travel in public transport, and home someone may introduce infection.

With regard to traditional medicine, the most effective is garlic. To eat it without restriction, but the aroma will repel not only viral diseases, but also people.

Onion, spices, and honey - all of this can also be used for preventive purposes ARI,

The main components of all preventive protection during the epidemic of colds will be:

- rich food vitamins;

- a balanced diet;

- refusal of bad habits, maintaining a healthy lifestyle;

- drinking 1.5 liters of water a day, at least.

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